Zen garden - Medicinal plants and garden of simples
French Vexin Park, June 2016

In the French Vexin, Abeillus creates two gardens to feel good thanks to the medicinal plants.

First, the Garden of the Simples, which is an evocation of the Middle Ages. At Abeillus, we love gardens that are full of flowers and foliage, creating a wonderful tapestry of colors, shapes and textures, within a zen and serene ambiance. We propose that all of this abundance be contained within fairly formal boundaries, so that the garden retains a sense of balance and proportion, which gives the creation a beautiful winter structure. The beneficial plants live their lives within these limits.

And, the Contemporary Therapeutic Garden, with crossing lines, which proposes to classify the plants according to their uses: from "grandmother" remedies to medicinal plants. We will find thyme for the respiratory tract and lemon balm for its soothing and relaxing virtues, but also the immortelle from Italy for bruises or the Great Aunea for coughing. Valerian, on the other hand, helps to find sleep, and yarrow facilitates healing. So many plants with multiple health benefits that make these two gardens a source of well-being for the whole family.