Walk of shadow and light


Located at the tip of wild Normandy, Manoir Bleu wants to restore vigor and beauty to its long abandoned garden. For three months, we united the forces of all the specialists of the garden (arborist, gardener, ecologist, fountain maker) to give back the field of the Blue Manoir its nobility. The owners had always dreamed that their park resembles that of the Moutiers woods of Varengeville-sur-Mer designed by British landscape painters William Robinson and Gertrude Jekyll, where rhododendrons, hydrangeas, camellias and other azaleas flourish there.

To combine business with pleasure, the owners also wanted to create a vegetable garden as a point of interest for the walk in their area. Abeillus thus realized the composition of a nourishing garden and a fresh garden that unfold as the walk progresses.

Abeillus has built a ford in slate of multicolored slate to cross a ru coming to feed the big natural fed. The complex was planted with poplars and ash trees at the feet of which hydrangeas aspera and villosa grow. And a large pontoon on stilts was installed, offering an unobstructed view of the water and the beech wood reflected in this large mirror of water.

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