Vegetal connection

This is the story of a city garden in western Paris. A multi-level space, in which the owners wanted to give a new life, and make the place as pretty and welcoming as the duplex they had just renovated. Indeed, the place displayed a space of concrete, unappealing to the eye, two separate areas that made the traffic impossible, but also a strong need for revegetation of a shadow courtyard, where the light could hardly make its way through.

Demolition of a concrete slab, earthworks, soil amendment and the coordination of various custom-made specialists, have allowed Abeillus to propose an artistic work, a cocoon of well-being where it is good to relax, and where the owners can share time with their loved ones.

Separate spaces were unified thanks to the construction of a footbridge built with 100% French material, to reduce the carbon footprint, stimulate the local economy by promoting short circuits. The place regains volume and depth, the senses are now awake. The taste buds are in alert, contemplating the apple trees, the sense of smell awake through a fine selection of plants, offering a sweet infusion of perfumes of roses and vanilla, gently diffused by a carpet of heliotropes, depending on the moment of the day.

The shadow courtyard has literally transformed into a lush painting, quality wood has been selected and cut in the area to craft custom-made planters.

Thanks to the technical expertise and artistic sensitivity of the design office, this arid outdoor space of more than 210 m² has become an oasis of happiness, with respect for aesthetics and ecology.

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