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13.05.2019 at 15h12

Our ecological gardens

Abeillus today describes its vision of the ecological garden. It is an environmentally friendly approach, and allows to create an ecosystem, whether you have a large landyard in the countryside or a small garden in the city.

It is based on the protection of biodiversity and the restoration of ecological balances. It involves replacing (with natural products) treatments that have a negative impact on our planet, while being energy efficient. It promotes the controlled use of water, through the recovery of rainwater. It finally makes it possible to cultivate unprocessed fruits and vegetables, fundamental for our health and well-being.

An ecological garden can be private, community, associative or public. For more information, visit our blog article:


05.01.2019 at 14h52

"Atelier des Lumières" : Gustav Klimt's immersive exhibition. "We must choose to please a few people only. Pleasing lots of people is not a solution"

This Saturday, we went to the "Atelier des Lumières" where we were immersed in a unique experience around the major representatives of the Viennese art scene, where the works of Gustav Klimt were projected in the old foundry, 100 years now after his disappearance.
Gustav Klimt's finesse and ability to combine the arts, aesthetics, painting and architecture, in modernity and originality, choosing to "only please a few individuals" is an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

01.11.2018 at 08h16

Can we not offer to ourselves, or even share with our dearest beings, the scents of the late season?

The fall... The depths of a forest, the freshly cut wood, a wall overgrown with moss and lichen, the evocation of a stream in the heart of an undergrowth... You will soon be able to compose your own personalized boxes of Abeillus candles, selecting the most inspiring scents! A unique luxury case “Abeillus style”customize as you wish... to offer to yourself or to your loved ones. Tell us now the style of your favorite scents by clicking on the link below and sending a message to our specialists.

07.10.2018 at 14h46

Journées des PLANTES in Chantilly (The Chantilly PLANTS days) – from October 19th to October 21st – Meeting scheduled with our partners

On October 19th, 20th and 21st, the autumn edition of the " The Chantilly PLANTS days " will take place, as always since 2015, at the Domaine de Chantilly. 200 European nursery exhibitors will be on the event, selected for their excellence by several committees. Abeillus Nature et Jardins, with its vocation of sharing knowledge and sources of inspiration, will be present on site, in order to meet its preferred partners.

By working with our partners on our personalized plant and decorative palettes, as well as on the fine selection of materials both aesthetic and respectful of the environment, we personalize, give life back again and put in color the outdoor spaces. We are looking forward to being at this gold standard event in the “garden world” for over 30 years!

05.10.2018 at 13h23

The owners of an apartment on ground floor of a former hunting lodge of the 18th century have revitalized their cocoon, making the place as pretty as welcoming

This atypical place with high potential was absolutely not highlighted. The garden was divided into two separate spaces, making the circulation between the different areas of the garden impossible. In addition, the intimacy of the owners was compromised, due to the vis-à-vis with the neighborhood, and the sight of the rooms facing an English courtyard was unpleasant and austere.

After a few weeks of coordination of different custom-made stakeholders, Abeillus was able to translate the needs and preferences of the owners, and revolutionize their garden, which now represents a true projection of themselves.

• Steel and wooden walkway: 12m long walkway implementation, then disbursement of the ground, masonry, laying metal beams sealed in the ground. Then, chestnut sleepers produced nearby, processed in square sections, with rounded edges to ensure foot comfort. Very fine balustrade, black and taut steel blades

• Wooden planter: Reclaimed wood, implementation based on the use of raw wood from weathering, custom-cut wood for 4m long, 50 cm wide and height, edge of the same wood to finish the edges, lined with membranes insulating but with decent space in between each ones, adding a layer of drainage of a soil enriched with organic fertilizer, and plants harvest. The large planter has been equipped with automatic watering. The vines of the planter were attached to steel ropes stretched along the fence, which surrounds the gardener

• Design of the massifs: Corten steel edges 10 cm high were installed. They include a 30cm steel peg fastening system anchored in the ground, which can bend and are flexible. In this case, they are sketching the grassed area allow garden

07.06.2018 at 19h28

Jardins Jardin (Gardens Garden) 2018 – from May 31st to June 3rd – An inexhaustible source of inspiration

For fourteen years, Jardins Jardins has been bringing together professionals from the sector. Landscapers, nurserymen and craftsmen, which reminds the “art man”. The "meeting place for professionals and amateurs of the urban garden and outdoor design" took place in the heart of Paris in the Tuileries Garden. From May 31 to June 3, 2018, more than 100 exhibitors were gathered. Abeillus Nature et Jardins was present in order to enjoy a nice time, sharing with professionals and amateurs of the field, to discuss the latest news, but also to be fed from various sources of inspiration.

Among them, original gardens created by experienced landscapers, examples of innovative developments, a look at latest trends, exceptional plants ... Also note the “Village of projects”, now the “Grove of innovations”, which includes a multitude of creative and innovative projects, with competitions and exhibitions. And that's not all: our inspiration is also enriched by conferences provided by renowned landscape architects, such as Louis Benech amongst others. The union of our inspiration and our know-how allows Abeillus to participate in the evolution of the garden as an art of living, in addition to representing self-protection.

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